KSC celebrates Voyager II’s perfect flight

Y1:D48 – Officials at KSC were beaming with pride today as they celebrated another first. Voyager II’s entry a precise 185km x 1,215km orbit following it’s 2:33 launch.

While previous launches have successfully delivered craft into orbit around Kerbin and the Mün, this was the first satellite to enter a precise orbit as intended.

The resulting completed contract with FLOOYD Dynamics Research Lab brought some much-needed funds and prestige to the program which as of late has been having wildly varied out comes for its various launches.

As a result, more research projects have been green lit for the R&D department and there are even upgrades underway in the VAB.

Management is confident that an all up test of the new Hermes crewed capsule will be possible soon setting the stage for a possible first Kerbal in space mission before the year’s end!

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