Hermes Test Launch Soars Over Kerbin!

Y1:D147 – Valentina Kerman hold the official record as the highest Kerbal ever, for now. Launched atop an Etoh rocket, Val and her Hermes capsule which she christened “Zenith” flew to an unheard of altitude of 69km above Kerbin. Just short of the Kerman line, she did not reach space.

Never the less, it is our first step toward a Kerbal in space and a Kerbal in orbit! Medical staff as KSC are excitedly running her through a battery of tests and examinations to evaluate the effects of the flight before another attempt is made.

In a brief interview she said, “They’re taking so many samples, I’m afraid pretty soon there will be none of me left!” with a smile. It’s all in a days work for our intrepid astronaut core.

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