Jebediah Kerman, First Kerbal In Space!

Y1:D198 – With the third launch of the Etoh-Hermes Jebidiah Kerman has become the first Kerbal to travel beyond our atmosphere and into space.

Hermes 2 piloted by Jebediah Kerman, who took manual control seconds after launch, flew into the blue Kerbin sky and into the inky black of space. He guided the rocket on a steeper trajectory then programmed. Because of this, it did reach space but subjected Jebediah and the capsule to dangerously high G forces during it’s steep reentry.

He survived unharmed and jubilant by all accounts of the recovery crew, and said excitedly that he “looks forward to being able to stay longer”.

KSC has plans in the works to do just that. The next launch is expected to be powered by the more capable Muo rocket; next goal, First Kerbal In Orbit!

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