Voyager Gounded

Y1:D295 – Officials announced today that yet another Voyager probe has failed in deep space. They also announced that the project was temporarily suspended pending a full review.

As reported earlier, Voyager IV stopped responding to ground commands several weeks after it’s launch as it headed toward EVE. A nearly identical Voyager V was launched soon after.

The two probes were siblings of sorts, one destined for Eve the other for Duna. The Duna probe seemed to be fairing better and was well on it’s way for an encounter with Duna and Ike when ground control decided to make a small course correction.

Shortly after the correction all communications faded away. It is believed that the probe may have turned it’s antenna away from Kerbin and as a result we can no longer contact it.

An investigation is now underway to determine why contact with both probes was lost, and all future launches of the series are postponed until an answer can be found.

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