Sally Rides Into History

Y1:D378 – The 7th and final launch of the Hermes program was piloted by rookie Sally Kerman who arrived in an nearly perfect orbit high above Kerbin.

Once there, it was realized that this would bring the capsule within a few kilometers of the old ATMOS II satellite. Sally was asked if she’d like to volunteer to go on an EVA and intercept the satellite – an ultimate test of KSCs backpack PMU – and she in typical Kerbal fashion eagerly agreed.

She overshot the satellite at first, passing within 50 m of it before being able to stop relative to the satellite having flown nearly 1 Km past it. She then slowly made her way back and was able to retrieve data from the on board experiments.

KSC Mission Control held its collective breath as Sally made her way back the capsule which was now 10 Km away. She made a much better approach this time, and with less than 0.1 unit’s of propellant left, boarded her capsule.

Her exemplary mission continued as she made reentry and the most accurate splashdown of all, just 1.2 Km from the intended landing site!

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